Integrate Dynamics 365 into your Retail Services

Dive into how Dynamics 365 can bring improvement to your retail service operations. Empowering your employees with a well-managed customer interaction and support services. Be in the know and measure your satisfactory consumer profiles at a glance. Retail business leaders need tools that can help them manage their business in this fast-paced industry as well as the technology to keep them stay at the cutting edge as they work to deliver the best products and customer experiences they can.
Modern Store Operations
The unified Modern & Cloud POS app enables role based, rich, modern & immersive clienteling scenarios as well as a broad range of traditional transactional capabilities with support for offline use and peripheral devices.
Order Management
Unified data entities and business logic across all sales channels allow your business to offer seamless omni-channel experiences. Inventory management capabilities allow you to maintain optimal inventory levels in your stores and warehouses.
Customer Experience
Engage with your customers throughout their shopping journey, and get a 360° view of all their interactions across all channels. Loyalty programs and wish lists enable you to foster brand loyalty and stickiness with your customers.
Workforce Management
Administrators can easily manage a large number of workers to safeguard system access and company data, and at the same time provide store associates with a productive and personalized experience while using the system.
Utilize a robust set of core product, pricing, and promotions management capabilities to meet merchandising needs. A wide range of capabilities support category and channel specific pricing, as well as catalog specific promotions.
Intelligence & Analytics
Provide employees with access to the right data to drive business decisions. Machine learning provides operational actionability driving continuous business value.