Make a real impact for better health

Healthy, happy patients. Connected, productive care teams. And a better bottom line. It’s what you’re striving for. Microsoft Dynamics CRM health solutions can help you get there.

CRM for Health Care Solutions

The good news is that today’s innovative technologies offer cost-effective and efficient ways to answer these questions. With Microsoft Dynamics health solutions, you can take advantage of the connective and powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities of cloud services, mobile solutions, social media, and analytics to put people at the center and make a real impact for better health.
Patient Relationship Management
Physician Relationship Management
Health Portals
Social Engagement

People-centric health solutions

Our solutions offers a suite of flexible business solutions that can be tailored to meet your health organization’s unique needs now and in the future. You can add capabilities when and how you want to at a pace and cost that makes sense for your organization—and helps you keep up with the ever-evolving world that is healthcare.

Proactively engage patients in personalized, modern ways

  • 360-degree view of all the interactions and activities associated with a patient across departments and even organizations.
  • Patient dashboards to easily capture and see medical histories, screenings, tests, and relationships across physician practices and clinics.
  • Multi-channel communications, including 24/7 self-service across mobile devices, Facebook, and real-time chat with unified tracking of all channels.
  • Targeted outreach: automated tools for segmenting patient populations, personalizing outreach over multiple communication channels, and following up.
  • Compliant audit trail of all patient-related activity and communications.


Extend the value of your EMR investment
When it comes to tackling the challenges your health organization faces every day, the implementation and use of an electronic medical records (EMR) system is just the beginning. You’re likely finding that to make a real impact on efficiency and care quality, you also need tools that can help with people-centered interactions and processes that span the health ecosystem.
The patient experience
Improve your patients’ experience throughout their care journey with streamlined, 360-degree interactions. Through modern, patient-centered communications and efficient processes, increase satisfaction and save time for patients and staff alike, while lowering costs.
Case management
Enable health professionals to create cases, and then track follow-up activities. Automated workflows can include the assignment of tasks and activities to individual staff members or they can extend to entire work queues. When a task is closed, it is securely linked to the patient and stored for an audit trail that can improve oversight and compliance.
Care Coordination
Coordinate care effectively with patient-centric workflows and automated information sharing across the care continuum. Improve patient health, scale staff resources, and drive operational- and cost-efficiencies.